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Reallusion iClone 6.1.1728.1 PRO Repack by Buhta [En] - Версия программы: 6.1.1728.1
Официальный сайт: ссылка
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Лечение: в комплекте
Тип лекарства: готовый серийник
Системные требования:
  • Процессор Intel® Pentium® 4 или AMD Athlon® 64 (2 ГГц или более быстрый)
  • Microsoft® Windows® 7 с пакетом обновления SP 1, Windows 8 или Windows 8.1 (64 bit only)
  • 2 ГБ ОЗУ
  • 2 ГБ свободного пространства на жестком диске для установки
  • Монитор с разрешением 1024x768 (рекомендуется 1280x800), поддержкой 16-битного цвета и 512 МБ видеопамяти
  • Система с поддержкой OpenGL 2.0

iClone представляет собой программный продукт для профессиональной трёхмерной анимации в реальном времени. Он располагает всеми необходимыми для этого средствами и инструментами: цифровыми актёрами, элементами антуража, визуальными эффектами, системами управления камерой и освещением, возможностью записи движений (motion capture) с использованием технологии Microsoft Kinect и многими другими. С его помощью вы сможете ускорить создание анимационных или рекламных роликов и фильмов, добавить творческую составляющую в учебный процесс, а также сэкономить немало времени и средств при съёмках игрового кино за счёт превизуализации.

Дополнительная информация:

Real-time Production
- Director-oriented layout: Actor, Prop, Scene, Animation, SFX.
- Intuitive dockable UI with various workspace adjustments.
- Scenes are built with drag-n-drop with convenient in-screen editing.
- Optimized Content Manager with quick search, content pack view, folder creation, and online inventory.
- Timeline enhancements with dope sheet, multi-track editing, and zoom view.
Appealing Characters
- Brand new one-mesh, morph-based G6 characters with enhanced facial details and textures.
- Collision shape editing for interacting with physics enabled objects.
- Multiple character styles for human and non-human types.
- Outfit switching with verstile styles for outfits, hair, and accessories.
- Photo-to-3D actor creation.
Authentic Motions
- Facial animation with advanced puppeteering, auto lip-syncing, and motion key editing.
- HumanIK body animation control and motion layer editing.
- Instant performances with Persona characteristics (personality & emotion).
- With Look-at camera and path motion constraints.
Modular Stage
- House and Interior elements for detailed scene setups.
- Natural world system: Terrain, sky, water, grass and tree.
- Sky Tool: Interactive sun, moon, sky and cloud generator.
- New SpeedTree technology with natural wind and visual improvements.
Camera & Light
- A free-to-drag & duplicate light prop system with dimmer and flash control.
- Multiple camera systems with live switch and mini viewport.
- Camera lens options with DOF range settings.
- Advanced soft shadow effects.
Visual Effects
- Real-time Surface Smoothing resulting in detailed surface appearances for low-poly objects.
- Toon Shader and key-able Post Effects.
- HDR, IBL, and AO for enhanced atmospheres.
- Real-time particle emitter controls for smoke, fire, and explosion effects.
Dynamic Material
- Multi-texture channel for realistic visual appearances.
- 3D-to-video composition effects by feeding in video textures into selected channels.
- Dynamically change material looks or animate building materials.
- Compatible with hundreds of Substance material libraries.
- Add real-time geometry details to any model by using the new Tessellation technology.
Physics Simulation
- Easily define smooth cloth transitions with grayscale maps.
- Apply natural wind behaviors to skirts and hair.
- Design sophisticated physics structure with the Visual Constraint tools.
- Add Rotational and Directional Forces to physically animate objects.
Render & Output
- Quickly switch real-time render modes for optimal visual and editing performance.
- Export Image Sequences with Alpha Channels for video composition.
- Supports major image and video formats up to 4K (Super HD).
- Super Sampling output for flicker-free visual quality.
- Ultra-realistic rendering with the Indigo Ray-tracing Plug-in.

iClone Version History

v6.1 (6.1.1728.1) released 29th May-15
Important stability enhancements and over 130 bugs fixed. Added compatibility for the newly released 3DXchange 6, for better and faster content conversion.
1) Added & Enhanced
Enhanced: Object transform unit for move, scale and rotate spin button now changed to 0.1 unit.
Enhanced: UV offset spin button in the material, adjusting unit now became 0.001.
Enhanced: Enhanced loading time and undo/redo performance for scenes with DRM trial content.
Enhanced: One-click content verification is now 10x faster.
Enhanced: Material picking now supports sub-props.
Enhanced: Enlarged non-human character Edit Motion Layer window size and enabled scroll bar when data is too large.
Added: Direct launch 3DXchange 6 to edit Character/Props from iClone 6. Manual
Added: Direct add Motion/MotionPlus to 3DXchange 6. Manual
iClone now supports the new .sbsar file from Substance Designer v5.
2) Fixed
Undo & Redo Related Defects:
Fixed: Adjusting chin in Face Key, and Press Reset All to undo. Adjusting chin key, the eye, head orientation and head tilting key being moved unexpectedly.
Fixed: Undo/Redo commands didn't work properly for the Sky Tool prop.
Fixed: The Sky Tool & Light Tool control panels popped up when initiating the Undo command. Forum Report
Fixed: Extra undo commands needed to undo Avatar Proportion adjustment.
Fixed: Character with soft cloth, using Motion Puppet and Undo/Redo caused crash.
Fixed: In the timeline Effect track, using Cut & Paste and undo/Redo frequently caused crash.
Fixed: Loading .png file into Diffuse Channel in Material section, Clicking Undo and Redo, caused Opacity thumbnail icon to be incorrect.
Fixed: Dragging .wav file to view and Resetting Whole Scene from menu>Animation, caused program crash.
Fixed: Adjusting Collision Shape transform, using Reset and Undo/Redo caused crash.
Fixed: Physics collision data not updated when terrain smoothness level was adjusted.
Fixed: Loading .spx file into character, and clicking Undo, made character disappear.
Fixed: Adjusting the wave strength on water, and pressing Undo, caused the the strength value to not be restored.
Fixed: Loading props with Substance, check and uncheck Activate checkbox in Substance section, and using Undo/Redo caused crash.
Fixed: Program crashed when using prop puppet to record animations, and then using the Undo command.
Fixed: Program crashed when an external texture editor was used to save textures and then the undo was used.
Gizmo & UI Related Defects:
Fixed: When using the Ctrl+Q command to show/hide gizmo, it would not immediately update. Forum Report
Fixed: Ctrl+Q gizmo toggled with Alt+Mouse Roll caused objects to move up/down.
Fixed: Cursor would not appear when previewing or recording with Face Puppet in dual monitor mode.
Fixed: The strength value for the wind settings did not update when playing or moving to a different frame. Forum Report
Fixed: Thumbnails would not update correctly when dragging a texture to the thumbnail icon of the texture material channel section.
Fixed: Using launch external texture to edit texture, when saving texture iClone would not immediately update.
Fixed: When clicking Link button, the World/Local setting for Move/Rotate would be disabled.
Fixed: Mocap Panel would not automatically close when picking a prop.
Fixed: Grid spacing value did not change in Preferences, and not change when different value was entered. Forum Report
Fixed: Changing layer order when two image layers were present would cause an extra image layer to unexpectedly appear.
Fixed: The Move/Rotate menu item in Edit>Rotate was disabled when closing the Edit Motion Layer dialog, and when the Bone Settings dialog opened.
Character Related Defects:
Fixed: Characters with spring effects had effects disabled after using the Avatar Proportion tool. Forum Report
Fixed: Two props with the same name attached to different character nodes appeared incorrectly and caused program crash. Forum Report
Fixed: G6 character moved after recording Direct Puppet motion several times.
Fixed: Some G5 character teeth would not show while talking providing that the Facial Features panel was open.
Fixed: Character would move after recording motion using the Motion Puppet tool if a transform keyframe existed in another frame.
Fixed: In the Collision Shape panel, checking Show Active Shapes would display an inefficient bound shape and caused a crash when used with the Mr. Pose character.
Fixed: Moving G5 Jimmy Toon character at the same time with camera movement would cause crash.
Fixed: Character mouth opened unexpectedly when checking the Open Mouth in material and then picking another object and going back to the character.
Fixed: Character pose reverted once Proportion was adjusted and character was replaced.
Fixed: The proportion result and the scale value of proportion was not matched.
Fixed: SPX files from 3DXchange 5 loaded incorrectly. Forum Report / Manual
Fixed: Loading an .SPX file and then clicking Hair in the Scene Manager caused crash.
Rendering Related Defects:
Fixed: Some spotlight angles would show incorrect shadows.
Fixed: Small object shadows appeared incorrectly in a large scene, when using the spotlight. Forum Report
Fixed: 3 extra shadows appeared when an object's scale value was over 5000. Forum Report
Fixed: Underwater or reflective rendering of semi-transparent textures was incorrect.
Export Related Defects:
Fixed: WMV export produced silent audio when audio quality was set to 3,4,5 or 6. Forum Report
Fixed: Clicking export button while playing, once export finished, made the program lock, not allowing anymore edits.
Fixed: Program crashed when exporting .avi and the codec list "ffdshow video encoder" was selected.
Fixed: Exporting 3D Stereo with Dual Stream format, pressing "Cancel" and then "Discard" caused program crash.
Fixed: While rendering, pressing Cancel and Save caused program crash for 3D Stereo output.
Fixed: When exporting 3D stereo video, the mark in/out range markers did not work.
Indigo Related Defects:
Fixed: After using undo and redo, the size of Indigo exports was not restored.
Fixed: 3D Block with substance could not use "Coating - Car Paint" preset to render image in Indigo.
Device Mocap Related Defects:
Fixed: Device Mocap unable to do second recording once timeline track was clicked to force-stop recording.
Fixed: Device Mocap press Space key (Preview), while program was playing, how shows correct preview.
Fixed: Device Mocap panel didn't remember previous settings upon relaunch.
Fixed: Link and audio data connection in older projects caused errors.
Fixed: Could not input negative values for Texture UV Offset.
Fixed: Using the Start Gardening command to plant trees resulted in uniform height instead of conforming to terrain.
Fixed: Some height map terrains (Ex. Dicho's Terrain Pack 4) with special image formats (Mono) cannot be loaded in iClone 6. Forum Report
Fixed: Toggling physics on/off for terrains in the Scene Manager caused program crash upon playback.
Fixed: Using Face Puppet in the second Monitor of a Dual Monitor system did not work correctly.
Fixed: In any frame but the first, pressing reset prevented the Preview camera from moving.
Fixed: Object rotated unexpectedly when object had rotate transform key and pick a path.
Fixed: Unable to edit hair spring keys in the timeline due to the lack of spring track.
Fixed: Camera did not focus on face when J hotkey (face camera) was pressed after picking a head accessory.
Fixed: Spring effect was not applied on first auto-play after a motion was applied.
Fixed: Pressing Delete while previewing animation in Face Puppet caused program crash.
Fixed: In Collision Shape dialog, rename with following character "space , ; [ ] # = " saving the ini and loading it back caused crash.
Also around 50 other minor defects were fixed.

Особенности Repack

Инсталлятор пожат на 30 %
Добавлены все платные реалистичные модели, фигуры, текстуры.
Исправлена работа с Nvidia PhysX
Некоторые карты не загружались если в текстурах отсутствовали шейдеры, и модели Земли
На видеокатрах от ATI Radeon появилась возможность отключить PhysiX так как не поддерживается.
3D блоки для создания автомобилей ломали текстуры - исправлено.
Добавлены кодеки для экспорта созданной анимации в h264-AVC видео.

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